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Musician Web Design - Costs

How much does it cost to set up a website?

There is no simple answer to this question. The exact cost of your website will depend on your needs and the functionality required to meets your needs. The first stage of any project is a fact-finding phase where we ask questions to establish exactly what you want to achieve with your website and what you need in terms of functionality to meet your objectives. We will produce an estimate based on what you tell us. Our estimates are very detailed and establishes the scope of the project so your can see exactly what you can expect from us and how much it will cost.

Our prices start at £500 for a bespoke, 4/5 page website with a Sound Cloud music player (you will need to upload your samples onto SoundCloud). Bespoke websites are designed to meet your specification. Each bespoke project starts with a detailed design phase where each page of the website is laid out in Photoshop. You will be sent these layouts for approval and have full input. We will amend the layouts until you are happy to sign off each page so that the design phase can begin.

Ongoing costs of owning a website

A domain name registered for one year and the first year of hosting is included in our initial design fee. You will need to pay your hosting, domain renewal and support fee from year two onwards. This fee will be in the region of £95 per year depending any optional extras you may choose. This charge may be more if your website uses a lot of bandwith.

Website support and maintenance

We provide full support for our websites all the time it is hosted with us. If anything goes wrong we will fix it as soon as possible free of charge. From time to time, you may need updates. We charge our hourly rate of £40 per hour (billed in fifteen 30 minute segments) for updates. If an update looks as though it will take more than thirty minutes to implement, we will always provide you with an estimate before starting work.